Shimizu-daki in mid-summer (Minami-Aso mura, former Hakusui mura, Kumamoto Pref.)

Once in a summer holiday, I visited a spring-fed pond in Hita, Ooita Perf. by myself. But somehow I found the place a little different from what I imagined, so I decided to extend my visit to Kumamoto. I was looking for a spring-fed pond and found a road sign of waterfall along with national route in Hakusui-mura. The waterfall well-known by the local by the name, Shimizu-daki runs in a place where I headed along a small path from the national route and went down the mountain by foot from car parking. I encountered this view when I went down the mountain path carrying photography equipment which weighs about 60kg by myself. This is actually the smallest waterfall around and I found it the most fascinating although there were bigger ones around it. Sunbeam streamed through the thick bushes just for a moment, and it created a look as if it was a spotlighted stage. I captured the moment in this photograph. I remember this place so well also because I came back to Niigata after stopping by Kagoshima, driving for 24 hours no rest or sleep after this shoot.

Data / Deardorff 5x7, Super-symmar HM 10m, f22 1second, Velvia 5x7inch film

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