Lingering snow and fresh green (Oshirakawa, Niigata pref.)

Iri-hirose village close to the border of Fukushima prefecture is surrounded by high mountains like Asakusadake and Sumondake which are about 1,500 meters high. In the middle of May, when flatland is already having early summer, the point I took this photograph was still in early spring. Fresh green of trees were standing out beautifully in the lingering white snow. The scenery was telling me that in the next few days, snow would melt down and full-fledged spring would come here. I captured the view of early spring in the very early morning, then went back to the early summer flatland.

Data / Deardorff 11x14, Apo Sironar 300mm, f45, 1 second, Velvia 11x14 inch film

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