Sasagawa-nagare with the wild waves (Sanpoku-machi, Niigata Pref.)

I often visit this location at Sasagawa-nagare in the photograph. On the first day, it was calm with the quiet sea. However, the Japan Sea in winter shows tremendous changes within one day. The next day, the weather was so rough, and the sea as well was turbulent. I wanted to catch the wild view of the sea with my camera, so I carried the equipments by myself and set my tripod at a point with no secure foothold. Pressure pattern was showing the typical winter pattern on this day. Cold snowy wind was blowing from the Japan Sea and even my large format camera was trembling. I kept waiting for the wind to stop being paralyzed with the cold, and finally there was a moment light shined through the thick clouds and my camera stopped trembling. I captured the moment of chance in a million. When you take landscape photographs, not only the drive and physical strength are essential, but also endurance to the rough environment.

Data / Ebony SW4x5, APO-symmar MC210mm, f22 2/1 seconds, Belvia 4x5inch film

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