Iide-renpou in thawing (Oguni-machi, Yamagata pref.)

This picture was taken using 8x20 inch size camera. The film used was 20x50 (cm) which is a custom-made. Generally, 4x5 inch Camera is already considered a large format camera, so this camera should be considered as extra-large format camera. Because of its size, the mobility of this camera is extremely bad. It made me think that the photo shooting with 4x5 inch was actually facile. So, in order to take a satisfactory shoot with it, it was necessary to go on location hunting in advance. Hence, I spent most of my golden week holiday on exploring around the area. My effort was paid off, as I could capture such beautiful scenery of snow-melting with vivid contrast of lingering snow and fresh green.

Data / Deardorff 8x20, APO-symmar 480m, f45 1 second, PL filter, Velvia, 8x20 inch film

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