Sunset over the Niigata plain (Maki, Niigata pref.)

Niigata is a prefecture has relatively many natural disasters. Many of the mountainous areas are known for heavy snowfall, so snow brings disasters to the area almost every year. But in recent years, Niigata has unusually got hit by series of typhoons, water disaster due to torrential rain, and major earthquakes which are record-setting levels. It is probably because of the unique geography. The landscape is so rich in variety, with high mountains along the borders between prefectures, continuous flat plain, large meandering rivers, and long shore running from north to south, and it maybe the reason of having different types of disasters. After all, to me, my hometown is the most beautiful place as it has great views of various sceneries. This photograph was taken in Maki where I grew up. Niigata plain in early spring is when spreading rice fields are filled with water and shine gold, reflecting the sunset. It might be the ordinary scenery, but still my favorite view as I have been seeing this scenery since my childhood. By contrast, I cannot help realizing the menace of nature as this peaceful view could turn extremely rough sometimes.

Data / Ebony SW45, Super Symmar XL 110mm, f22 1 second, RVP 4x5inch film

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