Towadako in early spring (Towadako, Aomori Pref.)

Generally, people think of winter in Niigata to be very cold and snow heavily. However, especially for the coldness, Aomori located on the tip of Honsyu island is actually colder than Niigata. Towada lake is located at the foot of Mt. Hakkouda, where is the coldest place even in Aomori, and it is completely shut down during winter due to snow and ice. This kind of harsh weather probably makes the fresh green in spring even more wonderful. Trees eagerly waited for spring to come after withstanding the cold winter grow their new buds explosively as snow melts down. I found a piece of spring in the northern land with snowmelt water and golden fresh green and made me immersed in photo-taking.

Data / Deardorff 8x10, Super-Angulon MC 165mm, f45.0, 1 Second, Provia 8x10 inch film

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