Oirase keiryu in fresh green (Towadako, Aomori Pref.)

When you actually see the nature around Oirase, you will find that it is impressively beautiful. In spring, when all the fresh green comes out, it is even more beautiful, and every single leaf seems to shine by its vital energy. I even felt phytoncide and negative ions floating in the air when I stood in the primary forest along the mountain stream. Azalea is another feature of Oirase in spring besides fresh green. It is surprisingly hard to have both of them in a same photo. When I took this picture, I persisted in waiting for about a week to catch the full bloom azalea in fresh green.

Data / Deardorff 8x10, Apo-Sironar 300mm, f45, 15 seconds, Provia 8x10 inch film

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